Since 1991 our office is mainly involved in design of civil constructions which are subjected to any kind of dynamic loadings.

A special highlight of our scope of services is the engineering of foundation for all kinds of machines. The foundation can be directly situated on sub soil or may be supported on different vibration isolation systems.

Furthermore, passive isolations which protect a part of a building or a complete building against vibrations indudes from outside will be design and constructed.

Basing on our good contacts with international heavy machinery manufacturers we have the knowledge to manage projects under consideration of foreign standards and specifications.

The documentation for civil construction can be supplied by us in different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish) and consists in general of following parts:

Foundations for following types of machines will be mainly designed by us:


To give you more detailed information please do not hesitate to ask us for submission of our detailed reference lists.


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